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Nov 22, 2009

Tips on Food Photography

Kodak recently asked me to contribute tips on food photography, for their “Tips from the Pros” section, a monthly initiative which is geared towards photo enthusiasts and consumers. Food photography is usually a very a fluid process for me and  I know when a shot feels right, but after giving this assignment some thought, I realized that there are certain rules that I, too, follow. View the article here, as well as others from photographers such as Peter Guttman, Isabel Lawrence photographers, Amy Postle, Michael Crouser, June Harrison and Pep Bonet.


Nov 08, 2009


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ashe + Leandro, one of my favorite interior design/architecture teams, on several occasions. I love the unique sense of style that they bring to all of their projects. I would move into every one of the residences that they designed, in a heart beat!


Nov 05, 2009

Animals in photos

One of my favorite things about shooting interiors is candidly getting the resident pets in the shot. They’re uninhibited, curious and somehow always make their way into the scene. Even a trained cat wouldn’t have mastered such a dynamic moment!


Nov 02, 2009

Have Your Juice and Eat Some Too

I started working with BluePrint Cleanse, a company that offers a line of cleansing juices. They recently introduced “Juice ‘Til Dinner”, a new program of two course raw food meals per day that accompanies their juice cleanse. They’re fresh, made to order, preservative free foods that help detoxify their body. Zoe, the owner of the company was looking for simple and graphic photos that reflect the BPC brand. I love shoots that are all about the food!